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Hi. My name’s Dick.

Right after I turned 29 I quit my job in The Netherlands, sold almost everything I owned, and traveled the world for well over a year with nothing but a backpack.

This website is the place where my best photos show up. I also write about how I’ve managed to travel for so long, the reasons why you should do it too, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The latest addition to this project is a podcast where I talk to people who’ve managed to make life interesting.

People tend to either love or hate my blunt Dutch approach to putting things. Read on and figure out which group you belong to.

The Polarizer? What’s up with that?

My intention is to make my photos, writing, and podcast speak for themselves. I don’t like the idea of putting myself front and center in a creative project like this. I also hope I don’t strike you as the kinda guy who gives himself a cutesy name like “wandering nomad” or “deep thinking traveler” or whatever.

That, and The Polarizer has a cool ring to it, doesn’t it?

A polarizer is a filter that can be applied to lenses. The ones you’re probably most familiar with are the ones on nice sunglasses. Polarizing filters can also be attached to lenses of cameras.

A polarizing filter lets light waves of a specific polarization pass and blocks light waves of other polarizations. By only allowing the wanted light through, it has the effect of reducing glare, reflections, and making the overall image clearer.

I’m personally very much into photography, and I like my Ray-Bans, so I figured there’s a good reason for the name.

I can also go ahead and pretend that I made it up as a metaphor with some deep meaning to it. You know, because I’ve visited a bunch of different places, I now hold the ultimate wisdom and truths to life like pretty much every travel blogger out there.

“Only let through the good light in your life, mannn…”

Nah, forget that. I may be a millennial, but I’m not an asshole.

Make of it what you will. I personally think it’s a cool name for a website like this.

What is this site about?

One of my greatest fears was ending up as the guy who died ten miles from where he was born without having gone out and tried to make his mark in some kind of way.

When I started this website, this was exactly the path I was on. I had the most soul-sucking corporate job imaginable, and every time I came back to my apartment, I spent the evening working a 2nd job, watching Netflix, and playing some Xbox. I also managed to fit regular exercise in there, which was the only thing that kept me from going insane. I slept 4-5 hours a night on average.

I kept this up for three years or so. Then I quit my job, sold pretty much everything I had, and bought a one-way plane ticket. It was something I always dreamed of doing, and I finally did it at age 29.

I’ve lived out of a backpack for a year and a half, visited more than a dozen countries in that time, worked many different jobs, met many great people, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re a guy who always dreamed about jumping on a plane and seeing the world, you’re my audience. Or you might have other goals that are big and other people think are crazy. That’s what mostly the podcast is about. I interview people who are doing cool things with their one shot at life.

And that’s the thing. We only get one shot. One chance to be everything that we possibly can be. This project is basically a celebration of all the cool shit I’ve personally done over the years, and all the cool shit other people I’ve been in touch with have done.

What will you find on the site?

Honest photo-essays of the places I’ve visited. My goal for this website is to provide an entertaining read and some practical advice. The podcast is basically freeform bullshitting with cool people who’ve done cool things.

I’m a bit of a gadget-nerd, and I like high-quality products. You will find reviews of the gadgets, gear and apps that I used along the way.

Tell me more about the podcast

Throughout the years, and especially the last year of traveling, I’ve found that there are many people out there with an interesting story to tell. The dude sitting next to you at the bar might be a rock star, a vagabond with a guitar, or someone who spends weeks underwater in a submarine for a living.

At one point I asked myself: “why not have these fascinating conversations with a mic present?”

So that’s what I started doing. The podcast will consist of interesting people with interesting lives and stories.

Some conversations will be motivating, some will be funny, some will be deep and interesting. My goal is to provide an insight into how exciting and fun life can be in many different ways.

Look at it as “a light-hearted take on living an interesting life”.

Who are you?


Just a guy. I take photos and design & blueprint websites and apps for a living. You can find my portfolio here.

I have a question or I something interesting to say. Can you publish it?

Send a message through the contact page and you’ll always get a reply.

Your writing/podcast/photos offend me and I don’t like it

Go look at another website.

What keeps this site in the air?

It is mostly a hobby/passion project kind of thing. Links to products are affiliate links, which help a little.

Full disclosure: I’m breaking even after 3 years of working on it.

You can help me out this way:

Do you shop at Amazon? Go there through this link and I will get a little kick-back for sending you there. Check out my other affiliate partners, as well.

You can order fine art prints of my Photography.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the website!