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Don’t believe the lies on travel blogs

A lot of travel blogs document the life many dream about, but, you might notice there is a certain… phoniness about many of them. This article explores why. Although this site has a broader general theme, it is sort-of in the same niche. I noticed some common patterns and themes while doing research setting this website up. They’re pretty predictable, …

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Staying in a hostel 101

Hostels are interesting places to stay. They will be a big part of your travel adventure no matter where you go, and they will be the main place where you’ll meet your fellow travelers. This article will give you some ideas on how to get the most out of the hostel experience.

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Leaving home

Winter had finally arrived in the Netherlands. January 19 of 2016 finally felt appropriate in terms of temperature. Care had to be taken to not slip and fall, a thin layer of ice started forming on lakes and canals, and people’s breath created little clouds of fog.

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