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Your travel time is valuable, don’t waste it

If you’re visiting a place, it’s likely that this will be your only visit in your entire life.

Even if that’s not the case, things will be different when you return later.

You have a unique experience waiting for you at the place you are right now, one that will never come back. Often we don’t realize the opportunities we had until after they’re gone.

Don’t fall into the trap of spending your time on on the wrong things.

Every hostel I’ve stayed at was filled with dumb fucks wasting hours staring at their phones and laptops. This wasn’t just the case in sleepy towns or boring cities. It was the same everywhere, no matter how magnificent and unique the location was. Apparently these people had bought a very expensive ticket to fly in from the other end of the world, just to update their social networks from a different place. It’s strange behavior if you really think about it.

It’s human nature to travel down the path of least resistance, and it’s obviously a lot easier to look at your phone than to go out to explore. Thing is, Facebook, Instagram, and all that other shit will always be there, and it will be the same no matter where you go. Read a book if you need to kill some time, it’ll feed your brain instead of rotting it.


When you’re on your big travel adventure, don’t waste your time. Seize every opportunity, rock the day, go out of your way to do as much as you can. You’ll hate yourself for it later if you don’t.

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