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Kensington AbsolutePower: One charger for everything

What is Kensington AbsolutePower?

The Kensington AbsolutePower is an incredibly practical laptop travel charger with two USB ports to charge mobile devices.

Why I love it

This little device is one of those things that’s been a part of my luggage wherever I go since 2011. It allows me to charge up my laptop, my phone and my cameras (some cameras can charge with micro-USB, just like your phone). What I love most about it is its size. It’s smaller and thinner than the average laptop charger, and on top of that, it eliminates the need to bring an additional charger for my phone/cameras.


The charger comes with several connector tips that are compatible with laptops from pretty much every brand, including HP, Compaq, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Gateway, MSI, ASUS, and more (no Apple here, since they haven’t licensed the MagSafe design, blame it on them). You can double-check on the official site if your laptop will work with it.


Next to the laptop output, it has two standard USB ports to hook your mobile devices up to. Anything that charges with a USB-A cable works, which means all phones (including the latest iPhones), tablets and an increasing number of other devices. The rated output is 90W for the laptop and 10W for the USB ports. 90W should be plenty for most laptops, as most of them only require 65W these days, but do a double-check if you have a heavy gaming laptop or a heavy workstation (which wouldn’t be practical for travel, anyway).

The device is compatible with wall power around the world (110/220v & 50/60Hz), and the wall-cable is detachable, which allows you to use any cable that’s compatible with the outlets of your destination. In other words, it works everywhere.

Bottom line

Any traveler that brings a laptop along on his trips can benefit from this device. Sure, it’s boring to spend money on a power adapter, but it has proven to be a very practical travel companion. I never have trouble finding an outlet, as I only need one instead of three, and even when one is taken, I can ask the person using it to give it to me, and offer him to plug into my charger. Everyone wins.

Highly recommended.

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