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New Zealand – Twizel

Photos taken in Twizel, New Zealand.

From Wikipedia

Twizel /ˈtwaɪzəl/ is the largest town in the Mackenzie District, in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand’s South Island. The town was founded in 1968 to house construction workers on the Upper Waitaki Hydroelectric Scheme. Twizel has a resident population of 1,210 (June 2015 estimate), and during the summer, holidaymakers nearly triple the town’s population.

Why visit Twizel

On the way to Queenstown from Christchurch, I spent a night in Twizel, and boy was it worth it. The amount of visible stars is nothing short of stunning. Looking into the endless void of the universe and seeing uncountable amounts of stars was a downright profound experience. It was downright mind-blowing, and I consider the photos I’ve taken here some of the best I’ve ever taken.

Do not skip this town if you visit New Zealand.

On the way there, you’ll pass Lake Pukaki, which is also gorgeous.

Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki

Photos of Twizel

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2014-01-04 Twizel  1

2014-01-04 Twizel  2
The place is already gorgeous when the sun is still out.

2014-01-04 Twizel  3

2014-01-04 Twizel  4

2014-01-04 Twizel  5
But this is why you come here.

2014-01-04 Twizel  6Look up, and this is what you see. Even the best photo in the world couldn’t do it justice.

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