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#4: Working in the Australian Outback on farms and in mines

My buddy Nick will tell us all about working in the Australian outback on farms and in mines as a backpacker. We also talk about road-tripping Australia.

The Polarizer Podcast #004: Working in the Australian Outback on farms and in mines

About this episode
In this episode I’ll be talking to Nick. He’s a guy I met in Perth, Australia, and he afforded his travels through Australia by working on a farm and later in an iron ore mine in the Outback. We’ll be talking about what’s that like, and what kind of money it’ll make you.

This is a good episode if you’re interested in going to Australia on a working holiday, as it mostly goes into how to make a living in the most popular backpacker’s jobs.

We also discuss buying an old car and doing road trips with it, backpacker life in general, and the area where we were: Perth and Fremantle.

The show

00:03:10 – Working hostels & cheap cars in Australia
00:07:00 – Farm work in Manjimup, WA
00:24:00 – Hippies in Australia
00:34:00 – Working in the mines
01:02:14 – The cost of living in Australia
01:10:48 – Future travel plans for Australia
01:18:18 – Tips and advice for people traveling to Australia

Recording details

Recorded on Febuary 17, 2017; in the backyard of my place at the time in Perth, WA, Australia.

Recorded on the small setup.

Check out Nick’s photography page on Facebook (NvMFotografie). A lot of long-exposure work, abandoned buildings, and other cool things. I like his creative style.

About Diederik

Diederik is a guy from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He quit his job when he was 29 years old and traveled the world for over 18 months as a digital nomad and bartender. On this website, he posts his travel photos and experiences, records podcasts with interesting people, and shares his general thoughts.

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