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#8: LSD, DMT, martial arts, and traveling the world

World-traveler and master chef Marnix talks Rock N Roll Photography, LSD, DMT, and cocaine on his adventures in Nepal, Australia, and Papua new Guinea.

About this episode
This episode is fine on its own, but I recommended you first listen to the previous episode to get the full context of what we’re talking about.

We cover several subjects in this episode, including:


In this episode I’ll continue my interview with Marnix. We talk about photography, so if you’re into that, you’re going to love this one. We get a bit technical and we talk about different camera body-styles (mirrorless, DSLR), and lenses. Marnix has a cool way of making photos, he calls it “Rock ‘n Roll photography”, and I feel it’s a good moniker. He goes out in the middle of the night with his camera, and sometimes trespasses to take some good photos. Fun camera-geek stuff, and adventure stories.

LSD, DMT, cocaine, and the effects

Later on we get into the mind-altering substances that Marnix took on his trip and how it lead to some revelations. We talk about LSD, DMT, and the effects they have. You’ll enjoy this part if you’re interested in psychedelic drugs and the way they change the way you think.

Travel adventures

There are also some good stories involving romance, spontaneous hippie festivals in the middle of the woods in Nepal, and the night he brought half an orchestra into a penthouse hotel suite in Melbourne, Australia (party like a rock-star). We also delve deeper into his adventures with the tribes in Papua new Guinea (more about this in the previous episode).

Martial arts

Marnix has been a Karate-kid since he was young. At the end of the episode we talk about martial arts and the lessons he took from that, and how it affected his journey.

This episode reflects pretty well what I want this show to be; there are a lot of original thoughts in there and ways of looking at things that were new to me. Inspiring stuff, too. Right after we were done, I wanted to pack my bags again and leave for a faraway land.

So without further ado, here’s episode number 8.

The show

00:03:20 – Photography
00:22:19 – The vehicle for the next trip
00:25:15 – Psychedelic drugs
00:27:30 – A gathering in Nepal (Pokhara)
00:34:50 – Ayahuasca & understanding how to use psychedelics
00:42:18 – DMT
00:49:30 – Spacing out with a gorgeous girl
00:52:15 – Partying like a rock star in Melbourne
00:58:38 – Chewing Buai in the jungle
01:06:00 – They called me the White Man
01:15:30 – Martial arts & focus
01:26:05 – A party with wild food concepts & music

Be sure to look up Pokhara, Nepal. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous.

Recording details
Recorded on August 2, 2017; in Marnix’s house in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Recorded on the big setup.

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About Diederik

Diederik is a guy from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He quit his job when he was 29 years old and traveled the world for over 18 months as a digital nomad and bartender. On this website, he posts his travel photos and experiences, records podcasts with interesting people, and shares his general thoughts.