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#9: Backpacking in Australia

This episode’s subject is backpacking in Australia. My guest Ryan and I talk about the travel lifestyle, hostel life, travel jobs, and how to make the trip happen.

The Polarizer Podcast #009: Backpacking in Australia

My guest today is Ryan. We became friends when we traveled in the same group across the east coast of Australia.

We talk about why Australia is such a fantastic country to travel through. The journey started in Sydney, New South Wales, and went up all the way to the north of Queensland. Among the stops were the Hope Estate Vineyards and the Barrington Tops national park. The interesting characters along the way, the adventures of backpacking and life in hostels get plenty of mention.

We get a bit philosophical about travel in general, the reasons to do it, the reasons people come up with not to do it, and things of that nature. The rest of the show, we banter about Perth, North Korea, women, and other things guys talk about while drinking a couple of beers.

The show

00:08:37 – Why Australia?
00:11:34 – 3 months in Australia
00:20:28 – Sydney
00:25:25 – Booze in Australia & Goon
00:30:00 – The disgusting drink called Mallort
00:33:20 – Hope Estate Vineyards
00:36:10 – Barrington Tops
00:40:28 – Why traveling is so great & hostel talk
00:51:20 – Podcasting talk
00:55:33 – North Korea
01:08:00 – Perth
01:16:05 – Australian girls
01:20:20 – Some people don’t get it
01:27:00 – Money & traveling
01:41:55 – Overused words
01:47:26 – The travel blogging community
01:53:30 – How to travel the world
01:54:40 – Wild, dark places
02:04:30 – Political correctness
02:09:35 – Podcasts & radio
02:12:25 – Travel advice

Barrington Tops hot tub

Notes & links
Ryan’s hostel recommendation for Sydney: Bounce Hostel Sydney

Donate your unused flash-drives to help bring the outside world into North Korea: Flash Drives for Freedom

Read this book:
The Big Short

Check this out:
Ryan’s Youtube channel

Recording details
Recorded on August 9, 2017; at the Fenix Food Factory & brewery in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Recorded on the big setup.

About Diederik

Diederik is a guy from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He quit his job when he was 29 years old and traveled the world for over 18 months as a digital nomad and bartender. On this website, he posts his travel photos and experiences, records podcasts with interesting people, and shares his general thoughts.

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