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Genuine conversations with genuine people.

All the episodes of The Polarizer Podcast are listed on this page. The show provides broad and often unusual insights into how exciting and fun life can be. If you’re curious about the recording process and the gear I use, there’s more information here.

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Podcast episodes & show notes

TPP #015: AAA Fresh 123: The life of true artists

AAA Fresh 123

The AAA Fresh gallery in Rotterdam is home to three artists: Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984), and Roderik Faasen (1990). At this location, they produce their manic, colorful, wild artworks. This interview dives deep into their way of working, their backstory, the future, and their wild rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

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TPP #012: Kai Versnel – Life in the Dutch Marine Force

The Polarizer Podcast 012 Life in the Dutch marine force

TPP #012: Kai Versnel – Life in the Dutch Marine Force Kai Versnel has been in the Dutch Marine Force for many years. He talks about what the daily life is like, as well as survival training in harsh winter and jungle conditions. He has trained with the Royal British Marines, and the French Legion.

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TPP #011: Ayahuasca

TPP #011: Ayahuasca Marnix returns to the podcast to talk about his Ayahuasca experience. We talk preparation, the experience itself, and lessons and insights.

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