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TPP #007: Hippies in Nepal and tribal life in Papua New Guinea

About this episode Today’s guest Marnix is a professional chef on a very high level. He does wild experimental stuff with food, like using liquid nitrogen, extreme heat, and serving 30-course meals. He ended up working at one of the most high-end restaurants in the country while he was basically still a kid, and started his own business when he …

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TPP #006: Life as a professional touring musician in the USA

About this episode “Big” Jim Brown is on the podcast today. He’s been a professional touring musician for over ten years, and his job is being a guitar player and singer in the band Big Jim Brown and the Speed Kings. You can find him play music at Seville Quarter downtown Pensacola, FL. He also runs a music school: The …

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TPP #005: Exchange studies in Zimbabwe and Taiwan


About this episode Today I’ll be talking to Tomas. He’s a good friend and a really smart guy who’s lived in some interesting parts of the world. Tomas wrote his first Master’s thesis in an embassy in Zimbabwe, and he traveled through South Africa for leisure. His first Master’s degree is in International law, and he’s currently studying in Taiwan …

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TPP #004: Working in the Australian Outback on farms and in mines

About this episode In this episode I’ll be talking to Nick. He’s a guy I met in Perth, Australia, and he afforded his travels through Australia by working on a farm and later in an iron ore mine in the Outback. We’ll be talking about what’s that like, and what kind of money it’ll make you. This is a good …

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TRS #001: Floyd Mayweather -vs- Conor McGregor

About this episode Welcome to the first TRS episode. Every now and then, I’ll do a sit-down with a friend and talk about a recent/random topic. The Floyd Mayweather -vs- Conor McGregor fight is going to be the talk of today. My guest today is Joost, who’s been into boxing for a long time. He knows more about it than …

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TPP #003: Life in an up-and-coming rockband: BLISTER

About this episode Welcome to the third episode. A week before recording this episode, I saw Guns ‘n Roses live on their “Not in this lifetime Tour” in Perth, Australia. Before the show, I was hanging out in a bar and I saw this dude who had a serious, full-on rock ‘n roll look. Big hair, beard, sunglasses, leather jacket. …

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TPP #002: Talking (a lot of) shit with real Aussies

About this episode Welcome to the second episode. This one’s gonna be way different than the first one. During my time in Australia I’ve made many friends. If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, there’s few people in the world who can talk shit quite like the Aussies do. I’ve met the guys you’ll be hearing on this episode …

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TPP #001: Working as a diving instructor in Thailand

About this episode Warning: audio quality isn’t great. I learned a lot about what not to do after this first one. This very first show is gonna be a sit-down with a very dear friend of mine from New Zealand. His name is Dan, and he’s a young veteran from the New Zealand Army. He’s been deployed to places like …

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