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The start of the big adventure

When I started building this website, I always intended it to be a travel-blog for a long-time adventure. Well, it’s finally about to happen.

In December 2015 I quit my office job and gave up my apartment in the city. I booked a one-way ticket to Australia, stopping by South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines along the way.

Even though I’ve saved up a decent amount of money, I’m by no means a millionaire, and I will have to find a job rather sooner than later once I arrive in Australia. How I will do this or where I’ll end up working, I do not know. Going into it like this feels a little crazy, but at the same time, it makes everything a lot more exciting. Let’s see where I’ll end up over there!

My flight will take off on Tuesday, January 19 from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Expect many posts with more details, photos and stories coming soon.

About Diederik

Diederik is a guy from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He quit his job when he was 29 years old and traveled the world for over 18 months as a digital nomad and bartender. On this website, he posts his travel photos and experiences, records podcasts with interesting people, and shares his general thoughts.

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