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Q&A: Is it possible to travel to Sydney with AU$100 a day?

That’ll be fine, as long as you don’t drink too much. The average beer at a bar costs $8–$12. It adds up quickly. And don’t even think of smoking cigarettes, as they are $35 a pack. A lot of people I traveled with took a break from smoking while they were in Australia.

If you stay in a hostel, cook your own food. It makes a huge difference. A pack of bacon and a box of eggs will provide breakfast for half a week for around $10. Also for lunch, keep it simple. Throw some chicken and veggies together and you’re done. Another good option is kangaroo meat, which is super healthy; very lean and high in protein. It’s cheap because the supply and demand are out of whack; people feel weird about eating it.

If you don’t feel like cooking yourself, usually hostels have cheap deals on lunch and dinner. $10–15 for a meal, usually with a drink. It won’t be the highest quality food, but it will get you through the day. Domino’s Pizza also has cheap options.

If you’re a coffee drinker, I recommend buying some instant coffee, which is a huge money saver. Boiled water is free. If you get coffee while you’re out to town, avoid Starbucks and other hipster joints. 7–11 has $1 coffee that’s more than decent.

The biggest tip I can give people visiting Sydney, is signing up for this, preferably a full week: Surf Camp Australia.

Add that AU$100 up over the course of a week, and you’ll be able to afford that. Great food and accommodation are included in their prices. Going to that surf camp is still the best thing I’ve ever done while traveling. Made friends for life there, experienced unforgettable moments, and actually learned how to surf.

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